Why Join the Little Rock Regional Chamber, the North Little Rock Chamber and the Bentonville Chamber of Commerce?

Recently, I attended a local chamber of commerce meeting at the Little Rock Regional Chamber, which is not anything out of the ordinary per my regular attendance is twice monthly. This particular week it struck me how important it is to be part of a Chamber, as later in the week, I also attended a particularly lively luncheon at the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, where I met several people in the community that I had never met before.  The Greater Bentonville area Chamber of Commerce is another great place to network and meet people.

Central Bank has a proud affiliation with the local Chambers of Commerce in the communities that we serve.  As a small community bank that has been in existence since 2007, we thrive amidst the bigger banks and take pride in our affiliation with Chambers and the relationships we form.

Staying Local

The relationships that are formed are not the only a great opportunity to support and promote your business within the local economic community but, your local chamber is a great way to connect to your government entities and stay informed on local issues.

The Little Rock, North Little Rock and Bentonville Chamber’s all have an annual meeting that is well attended by city, state and federal representatives in government, as well as other area businesses in our community.

In addition, a local chamber will traditionally administer and facilitate periodic educational opportunities on current issues faced by the local economic community.

Participating in networking opportunities, education opportunities, and other chamber events members have the opportunity to build and foster meaningful relationships.

“Long-term relationships take constant nurturing. By participating in the chamber, you develop a family and friendships with other business owners and become someone they trust.”, Troy Baker, Commercial Loan Officer at Central Bank.

Brand Awareness

More likely there is something unique about who you are that you would like people to know. Whatever it is that differentiates your products, services, or philosophy, it is the foundation of your brand. In theory, establishing an effective brand drives customers to your business and improves prospect conversion rates. It is not enough to define your brand, or even live it in everything you do. You must also promote it if you are to establish the awareness necessary to make it relevant.

Once the foundation of your brand has been set, then it is time to get out and promote it, and your local chamber of commerce is the perfect place to start. Central Bank has developed an excellent reputation in the Central Arkansas area as a fiscally responsible commercial bank that supports the local community, not as an obligation, but as a mission. This is something we believe in and live every day.

Thanks to responsible banking practices, we provided a safe landing for disenfranchised customers of competing banks during the banking crisis, and continue to earn their loyalty through support of the local community. It is fair to say that awareness, not of these facts, but of the brand concepts, among Central and Northwest Arkansas business and residents is high, however if not for our longstanding history with the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce and Greater Bentonville Chamber of Commerce, I am confident in saying it would be little more than a well-kept secret.  Don’t keep your brand a secret… Join your Chamber! And visit your local, community bank

For more information about joining one of the chambers of commerce in Central Arkansas, you can go to

Written by: Vicky Morris, Central Bank Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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